The Search Continues

Looking for places to live in Mexico is harder than you might think. There isn’t much online and, what I’m slowly learning, is that what is online isn’t necessarily what is available.

Since our last visit, we have been really motivated to find our Mexican dream home. I am spending my days and nights scouring the internet looking for places. It’s what I’m good at. I’ve found our last 3 places on Craigslist (not to mention my job, my cat, basically all of our furniture…. what can I say? I’m a pro). I ended up finding quite a few places and reached out to the realtors who posted them. Most never replied, but there was one that did and he said those homes were no longer available. He replied with some other options, but they just weren’t what we were looking for. This sucks. How are we supposed to find a place like this?

Luckily for me (or maybe not so lucky), my husband is big into social media. One of our friends introduced him to a few Ex-pat groups on Facebook and within minutes he was being contacted by property managers and owners alike. I’m the one that’s supposed to be good at this sort of thing, but whatever.

After combing through some of the listings, we found a couple that we liked and I made some calls to get appointments for tours. I first spoke with a guy who seemed a little disorganized but made an appointment for a viewing that weekend. The issue was that he would be unable to meet us, but his father lives in the area so it would be no issue for him.

Minutes later, a woman named Monica from Baja Rosarito Realty called me in response to an email I had sent her just before my phone call with the previous gentleman. She was quick! She told me the place I inquired about was still available and, after telling her a bit more about what we were looking for, she said she had some others she could show me as well. Perfect!

We now have a whole day lined up this weekend to view places. This is getting exciting!

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